My name is Amanda Christensen and I am a level 4 qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, and class instructor.

I understand the pain and struggle of looking in the mirror every day and not liking what you see. Trying the 5:2 diet one week and weight watchers the next. All work great at the time…. until you stop using them! I have studied to understand more about these diets and learn how to control your own nutrition and training, and this is what I want to teach you!

I’ve created a 90 day coaching plan to get you from where you are now to the body you have always dreamed of and best of all, I’m going to teach you how to keep it that way for life!

Amanda Christensen

PT and Nutrition Coach

Body confident clients

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My approach is to become your personal trainer, nutritionist, mentor and cheerleader - Infinity 8 Fitness

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